The earth will come to laugh and to feast

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The earth will come to laugh and to feast is a poetic crossing of Roger Ballen’s images which the poet Gabriele Tinti has composed in the form of elegies, prayers, laments.

The book is the result of a strong bond between art and literature, of ekphrastic writing that evokes images by highlighting hidden relations, implied mysteries and numerous suggestions. The outcome is a collection of fragments, poems and short stories revealing the profound comprehension of existence as a fate of torment, of the inevitability of suffering, of our impotence before pain.

As Tinti says “this partnership moves from the rubble, passes through cemeteries, sniffs out the signs of what has gone. Roger Ballen’s photos, my words, are a kind of defense against the terrible power of death. They are an accumulation of enthusiasm, injuries, obsessions. They are effigies composed to disturb the reader, to ambush the thought, the things”.

Images by Roger Ballen
Publisher: Powerhouse Books, NYC

Reviews: The Guardian, Flaunt, Lens Culture, Huffington Post